Stenton Cottage, Elie


'Have a relaxing holiday in one of the
sunniest and driest locations in Scotland!

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Stenton Cottage

Price List

The following price list shows the normal price per week (Saturday to Saturday) for Stenton Cottage. If you wish to find out the price for a time period that is not shown or for a different set of dates, for example - a long weekend, then please contact us. Note that Stenton Cottage is equipped to accomodate six people.

The total charge for your stay will depend on any extras requested. The Rental Charge and Servicing Charge are required and are not extras. Linen is an optional extra.

For example, to calculate the total for a Saturday to Saturday two week stay for four people requiring linen we have:
Rental Charge for week one + Rental Charge for week two + Servicing Charge + (4 x Linen) = Total Chargeable.
Price List
Saturday Afternoon Arrival Saturday Morning Departure Rental Charge
Per Week
Servicing Charge
Per Booking
Linen (towels and bedding)
Per Person
Per Booking


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